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“Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they're yours.”
― Richard Bach

Team: Our Team

Michael W. McCoy

I develop and implement experimental and statistical approaches to  link empirical data to ecological and evolutionary theory. I typically take a mechanistic approach to understand how individual traits (e.g. size, stage and phenotype) scale up to influence population and community level processes and spatial coupling across ecosystems. I have broad interests and my research is very question driven and integrative. As a result I have worked on wide variety of topics, organisms and in a wide array of ecological systems. In my spare time I enjoy running ultramarathons, hiking, camping, traveling, and spending time with my family.


Jessica Wimmer

PhD Student

Jessica is interested in the ecology and evolution of nonindigenous species, especially reptiles.  She is still developing her broader dissertation research program but is off to a great start. This summer she has initiated a study to understand the population structure of Argentine black  and white tegus throughout Florida.


Natalia Jaworski

PhD Student

Born and raised in Chicago, earned her BS in Biological Sciences from Illinois State University and an MS in this Quantitative Ecology Lab at FAU. Natalia is returning to the QEL at FAU to pursue a PhD. Natalia is interested in understanding  the effects of climate change on species interactions and food web dynamics. Natalia enjoys spending time in or on the water, traveling, and napping.


Jumar Francis

PhD Student

Jumar is interested in conservation and ecology of coastal marine ecosystems. Jumar is still developing his dissertation research, but in general he is motivated to better understand how changes in habitat complexity and changes in abiotic conditions affect species interactions with a particular interest in understanding how habitat structure affects organismal responses to multiple stressor effects. 


Brianna Davis

MS Student

Brianna is studying the accumulation and tissue localization of microplastic fibers and fragments in benthic filter feeding clams in warming coastal systems and the potential trophic transfer of these particles up the food chain.  

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